Mellora is for your benefit!

Backed by the European group Mellora, your activity is set to improve in operation as well as administration.

Much as many like to do everything in house, there are times where it is more cost effective to rely on specialists. Or simply: Why invent the wheel - again? Mellora provides commerce solutions at a practical and affordable level where clients are freed up to concentrate on that which they do best. Let us give you tools and support which is just right for the occasion.

Mellora Online is for your benefit!

Even if everything is working smoothly, your future may depend on precautions you take now, to prevent disaster from striking.

What hasn't happend may cause us no worry today. Firewalls, virus protection, backups etc are regularly not missed until after they were desperately needed. Mellora Online handles it for you, preferably before any crashes, if unavoidable, after a crash. Remote background backups, remote support and maintenance. Mellora Online tends to it for you.

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